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Biju Pappachan


Committed to systemic change through collaboration, Biju is focused on developing sustainable solutions by convening businesses, the government and community groups to come together to tackle complex social issues.  Currently, Biju is the Executive Director of POV, a charity where he catalyzes diverse stakeholder partnerships from across the TV & Film production sector through innovative workforce development strategies that support BIPOC and racialized young people who are trying to gain meaningful economic access and launch successful careers into the sector.  Through this work, Biju hopes to contribute to the growth of the public sector, offering insights, ideas and evidence-based practices that can help to shape future policies and programming.  Leveraging his over a decade of practical experience, he shares expertise and insights regarding multi sectoral collaborations, inclusion initiatives and diverse leadership development to organizations, community groups and serves as a subject matter expert on strategy, programming, collaboration, equity & inclusion for initiatives across Canada.   


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