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Are you a social impact leader looking for peer support, leadership development & knowledge exchange?
EPIC XChange offers confidential, brave spaces for non-profit senior leaders to share challenges, build networks & develop skills amongst peers.
  • Peer support
  • Leadership development
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Resource sharing
  • Network development
  • Sector wide events
  • EPIC currently has 48 members across 4 cohorts

  • EPIC facilitates peer groups for non-profit Executive Directors and senior leaders supporting ongoing leadership development

  • At EPIC XChange we believe peer groups support transformational leadership development.

  • Why choose EPIC? Because we CARE about your leadership, a lot!

What is EPIC xChange?​​

  • 6x half day sessions per year (bi-monthly)
  • Dedicated confidential peer groups 
  • Build accountability, awareness & support
  • Annual membership
  • Meetings take place during the workday to prioritize your professional development
  • 2x one-on-one coaching sessions per year
  • Sector wide networking & educational events
  • Access resource pool with tools & templates

* All applicants subject to approval

Why peer groups?​​

It’s lonely at the top. Leaders can almost never speak openly about organizational challenges and personal struggle.
Peer groups offer a confidential, safe space for leaders to work through their biggest challenges.
We are advocates for your professional development. EPIC aims to create an open feedback environment taking your feedback and applying it in real time to meet the groups needs.

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Current EPIC Member Agencies
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Hear what our members
have to say


"There is so much that we are sharing and unloading, it feels good in the moment, but over time there is something that happens in your psyche that I know I'm not the only one going through this."

EPIC xChange Participant