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Virtually Noire + Virtual Solutions


Virtually Noire is a Canadian based virtual assistant company that specializes in providing excellent executive level administrative support and consulting to growing businesses, law offices, legal professionals, organizations, and individuals virtually. Our team is versed in basic office administration, automated law offices in areas of law such as Canadian criminal, civil, family & real estate law.


Director of Virtually Noire, Sasha Rodriguez, is an experienced law clerk with over 13 years of experience in both the private and the Ontario public sector in the legal field, in a law office and court settings. Sasha offers certification in Court Support and extensive work experience and additionally, has worked with some of the most prestigious law firms across the GTA and offers expertise on various executive support methodologies. As a previous Court Clerk/Registrar and providing support to associate and senior counsel, Sasha has the background and knowledge that offers excellent leadership in leading the Virtually Noire team!  /FB:  /IG: @Virtually_noire

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