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Shelley Nicholls


Shelley is a champion for women and girls. Her diverse background, inquisitive spirit, and inclusive nature have helped her successfully lead a wide variety of teams.  She has experience with Grassroots startups and larger established organizations in the Greater Toronto Area.  A Montreal, Quebec native, Shelley is the daughter of immigrants who moved to Canada, from the Caribbean, in the 1960s to make a better life for their family.  Shelley worked for ten years in Detroit’s automotive industry starting as a Project Engineer and was steadily promoted to the role of Technical and Commercial Lead for projects in excess of $100 million.  After taking some time off from the for-profit workforce, she has turned her career focus to the non-profit sector. She is excited to continue advocating for women, girls and diverse equity seeking groups to overcome barriers and reach their full potential.

Shelley is the Strategic Leadership Partner at EPIC Leadership and the facilitator for EPIC xChange Cohort # 3.

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