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What TRAITS do non-profit leaders need to achieve their mission?

Updated: May 6

I recently asked this question on LinkedIn and got some AMAZING responses. I was so inspired by what I read that I decided to share them here. Non-profit leaders are some of the hardest working, underappreciated folks out there. Thank you for the vital work you do. Yes, you. I thought this might bring some more awareness around what it takes to be a great NFP leader and to acknowledge the unseen contributions...

What does it take for non-profit leaders to achieve their mission?? Grit. Integrity. Humility.  Courage. Empathy. Tenacity!  Flexibility. Resilience. Versatility.  A big heart. Stamina 😊 Multi faceted.  Good listener.  Resourcefulness. Solution-focused.  Unflinching drive.  Collaborative spirit.  Deep seeded values. Relationship building.  Sense of humour (seriously).  External awareness and relationships.  A very clear vision of what the future goals are. Innovation & willingness to do things differently. Bravery – to think big and challenge the norms. Creativity and passion. Security of who they are.  The ability to attract people to the mission itself. Fortitude and kindness – not necessarily in that order. Abandon status quo –be fearless & solutions oriented.  Our passion to serve & build community drove us here.  Flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.  Self actualization – being on the journey to be aware of Self. Emotional intelligence, integrity & accountability (the trifecta). Ability to execute an operational plan that is linked to a strategic plan. A must! Transparency (& Accountability) Being willing to admit failure (& learn from it).  Empathy: for employees & those whom you seek to support with your mission. Ability to communicate mission & vision to anyone inside & outside org. Focus, consistently focus on end goals regardless of mini crises that arise. Compassion, especially for struggles they might not experience but which people you want to help do in day to day life.

It's not easy being a leader in the social sector.

I have so much respect for anyone who goes down the path to make a responsible impact.

Talk soon chums!



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