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This is dedicated to the ARMY beside me.

The work we did at Unity Charity is a result of the incredible people who work with us; our staff, the artists, and everyone who supports us.

I am a product of my mentors, my family and everyone who inspires me.  My values, attitude and approach to life are absorbed from the many many unbelievable people that I look up to.

I could not do this (and you could not do what you do) without everyone around you. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the collective efforts that make incredible things possible. Do not forget!! We work together to achieve great things.

Alone we are just... alone.

Below is a video of my acceptance speech for the Bryden "One To Watch" Alumni award from York University talking about just that.  Out of over 300,000 York alumni I was truly honoured to accept this award.

I'm not big on awards however I realize I am standing here representing an army of incredible people. This is something never to be forgotten.

I am just the vessel that represents this important cause.

Our success is our people.

My success comes from the beautiful people I've met over the years who make me who I am.

Check out the video below

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