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The Evolution of epic leadership

EPIC Leadership has grown immensely over the past year. We are so grateful for all of your support, your engagement, and your patience as we developed our model. During this process, we have learned so much about what folks like you need in order to grow your leadership and amplify your impact.

We listened.

In order to better serve nonprofit leaders like you, we have developed four areas of service so that you can access our support no matter your budget, time constraint or need.

We’ve created a video that showcases these areas of support. Check it out below!

Below you’ll find further details about each area of support:

Tailored services for individual leaders and organizations to work through their greatest challenges, deepen their impact and ultimately create transformational change in their communities.

· Interactive Keynotes

Book Mike for your next event and he’ll take your audience to the heart of the topic with an interactive keynote that uses personal storytelling to engage and inspire.

· Educational Workshops

Book an EPIC workshop to deepen understanding, grow skills and amplify impact.

· Leadership Coaching

Access personalized support and practical consulting on specific topics with one-on-one coaching to level-up your leadership!

Small Executive Director peer groups who meet regularly to support leadership growth, peer learning and professional development.

It’s lonely at the top.

Join EPIC xChange for bi-monthly meetings with other Executive Directors for peer learning, professional development, accountability and access to special events, resources and more!

Intentional networking events in casual environments that help to build and strengthen bridges within the nonprofit ecosystem.

Join us for in-person conversations with nonprofit leaders to expand and deepen sectoral connections and increase knowledge and understanding of topics critical to leadership.

Be sure you’re signed up to the newsletter so you’re among the first to know about upcoming events!

Minimize the investment required for professional development by creating, curating and sharing free resources via social media, newsletter and blog that help to grow and strengthen nonprofit leadership.

Get access to the free resource pool by signing up for the newsletter and continue the conversation in our Facebook group with EPIC leaders from over 100 cities worldwide!

We are so excited to be on this journey with you. If you have any questions, need support, have a big idea or just want to get together for a coffee to discuss social change, contact us and let’s build and explore how to do good, better.

This blog and the accompanying video are collaborative pieces created by EPIC team members Michael Prosserman and Tina de los Santos.

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