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Self-care is contagious

This article is an excerpt from Michael Prosserman’s new book, Building Unity: Leading a Non-Profit From Spark to Succession, and is reprinted with permission. In Building Unity, Prosserman breaks down the six steps to discovering “responsible impact” and building an organization that is growth-minded, values-based, and reflective of the needs of its community. Using stories of his own evolution, learning, and growth as a leader over 15 years, Prosserman parallels the creativity found in breakdancing with the innovation needed to build a sustainable nonprofit.

Among staff at Unity, there didn’t seem to be a healthy separation between work life and home life, as the passion for the work bubbled over. Work was life. This took a real toll on people’s mental and physical health, mine included. It took some deep reflection for me to understand that work is a big part of our life, but not all of our life. My failure as a leader was that I was hurting everyone who looked up to me on my team, setting a negative example by not taking care of myself...

See Mike's full excerpt on Charity Village HERE.

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