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I've signed with ECW Press to publish my FIRST book!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Dear close supporters, friends and family,

I wanted you to be the first to know some incredibly exciting news.

I've signed with ECW Press to publish my FIRST book!! :.)

Title: "Building Unity: Leading a Non-Profit From Spark to Succession"

Publishing in Fall 2020 from ECW Press!

Drop me a line if you would like to grab a coffee in the new year to discuss how you can be part of the book tour starting Fall 2020! Discounts for bulk orders will be available for conferences, gifts, and events!

Excited and incredibly thankful for this tremendous opportunity to share my story with the world on how together we built the plane while flying it.

Book Description:

At age 16, Michael “Piecez” Prosserman, a professional b-boy (breakdancer), completed a high school project that would grow to become a hip-hop-inspired mental health charity with global reach. Through a process of continuous discovery and reflection, Prosserman and his team grew UNITY to the point where it benefited over a quarter of a million young people. In Building Unity, Prosserman breaks down the six steps to discovering “responsible impact” and building an organization that is growth-minded, values-based, and reflective of the needs of its community. Using stories of his own evolution, learning, and growth as a leader over 15 years, Prosserman parallels the creativity found in breakin with the innovation needed to build a sustainable non-profit.

Six steps to discovering “responsible impact”:

1) Spark is the inspiration, the big “why,” the motivation to wake up and do something.

2) Build is the testing ground to clarify ideas, understand community needs, and challenge assumptions.

3) Trust involves building the culture of your organization, leading by example, and hiring people with dreams. Trust sets the stage for growth by empowering awesome people.

4) Grow is about finding the right size for your organization to create a responsible impact and scaling thoughtfully.

5) Evolve is knowing when to step back so others can step forward by building a succession plan that leaves your organization in good hands.

6) Re-Ignite is building from past experience and lighting the next spark within yourself.

Drop me a note if you'd like to chat about how you can get involved in the book tour for Fall 2020! Look forward to sharing my story with you.

To get updates on the book and launch party for Fall 2020 subscribe to my newsletter at

Book cover and more exciting updates coming soon! :)

peace, love and Unity,

- Mikey "Piecez" Prosserman (he/him/his pronouns) Disruptor x Innovator x Bboy

Photos by Katy Chan

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