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Disrupting Philanthropy!

The non-profit sector is changing and so is philanthropy!

I'd like to invite you to a free talk I am giving on "Disrupting Philanthropy" hosted by Social Venture Partners Toronto on September 6th at 6pm.

The talk will focus on the disruptive forces shaking up the nonprofit sector and how industry leaders are thinking about them. Come out to learn about what is changing and opportunities for philanthropists, funders, and community members to rethink their involvement in this space.

The discussion will focus on 3 major areas of change: 1) measurement 2) talent 3) partnerships

We need to work together to create the ecosystem for non-profits to achieve their missions. Come out and hear some new ideas on how we can work together to create transformational change. Come join the conversation and feel free to bring a friend!

Event details: Thursday, September 6th at 6pm at Duke of York (39 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto) The event will begin with a talk and then will open it up into a networking event.


Feel free to bring a friend :) Look forward to seeing you there!

About SVP Toronto: SVP Toronto is an organization supporting philanthropists looking to not only give, but to also directly engage with innovative nonprofit organizations who work to enable long-term social change in the GTA.

I created a POOL... with free stuff!

I'm a strong believer in sharing and collaborating to save time, money and energy.

A few weeks ago, I started a Facebook group to share free non-profit resources called EPIC Free Non-Profit Resource Pool. In only 3 weeks the group grew to over 700 members from 99 cities and 28 countries!

After being in the charitable sector for over 15 years I've realized there are SO many great resources available (free toolkits, reports, articles, services, templates, etc).

I created this Facebook group to allow people to share and request free stuff.

Feel free to join the group, request specific resources you are looking for and share what you have. The goal is to help non-profit leaders save time, money and energy.

You know what's better then spending a week developing an HR policy or a budget for your non-profit? Spending 5 minutes in this Facebook group, asking someone for a sample of what you're looking for, getting what you need and spending 100% more time on your org's MISSION.

Join the group here and please invite anyone you think may be interested to share free resources and contribute to this EPIC community. The larger the group the larger the pool of resources! :)

Hope to see you around soon EPIC people!



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