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Creating A Workplace Culture Of Mental Health

Updated: May 6

We need to do better when it comes to supporting employee mental health and well-being.

Sometimes we go to work and forget the most vital resource we have, people. On October 10th, 2018 I'll be teaching a full day course at University of Toronto St. George Campus on the topic of Creating A Workplace Culture of Mental Health through the School of Continuing Studies.

In this full day, interactive course you’ll learn how to make mental health and well-being in the workplace more approachable, practical and participatory. You’ll better understand how to build positive team culture at work supporting mental health, beyond policy and beyond just spending money. Through commitment, investment, participation and renewal you will develop new tools to embed well-being into team culture.

To register for the course and learn more CLICK HERE.

Consider registering your whole team. Also, if you know of anyone working in a corporation, government, or non-profit organization please share this link widely to colleagues, friends and co-workers.

We need to do better in supporting people's mental well-being at work.

Hope to see you there.

Exciting things are happening!

Board Governance BootCamp

Are you looking to beef up your non-profit board? Capacity Canada’s Board Governance BootCamps provide non-profit boards with the tools they need to be innovative decision-makers leading agile organizations that confidently try new ways of doing things.  

I'll be delivering a keynote on: "Hip Hop, Mental Health and Boards" as part of the conference sharing my personal story and the evolution our board went through. For more info on how you can sign up CLICK HERE.

Other announcements:

1) Disrupting Philanthropy! On September 6th, Social Venture Partners Toronto hosted an event where I spoke on the topic of "Disrupting Philanthropy". The event had over 118 registered guests and was full of critical discussion and debate on the future of non-profit sector philanthropy. We got deep into three main topics on how non-profits and philanthropy are changing: talent, measurement and partnerships. For more on Social Venture Partners Toronto and how you can join Click here.

2) FREE RESOURCES: If you are looking for free non-profit resources join my facebook group here: 

EPIC Free Non-Profit Resource Pool (already over 700 members from 99 cities and 28 countries)

3) Next EPIC event date - coming soon in October!

Hugs and high fives,

your pal,


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